LED Light Therapy

LED Light Therapy in Beverly Hills

For patients looking for a gentle yet effective treatment, Cloud Med Spa is proud to offer LED light therapy in Beverly Hills. With the right treatment plan, you can fight various signs of aging and other skin concerns without the need for surgery. Instead, use your body's natural response to light therapy to boost your skin and confidence in your appearance.

What Is LED Light Therapy?

LED light therapy is a non-surgical skin treatment that can improve your skin using various wavelengths of emitted light. It works using two main frequencies of light to help you achieve your goals: red and blue light. Red light is ideal for helping your skin regenerate and reduce signs of aging such as wrinkles or age spots. The blue light option is great for benefiting patients suffering from stubborn acne or inflammation.

This treatment is an excellent option for patients who want to improve their skin but prefer to avoid deeper treatments like a chemical peel or laser treatments. This gentle treatment is entirely comfortable and doesn’t use enough energy to cause any burning. Its adaptability also makes it ideal for treating skin of any type or tone.

Each LED light treatment is quick, convenient, and comfortable. In general, a typical session can last only about twenty minutes, making it ideal for patients on the go or with busy schedules.

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How It Produces Results

LED light might be a gentle treatment, but it can still produce impressive results. Using the different frequencies of light, we can generate several positive effects in the treated areas. For example, the red light can encourage your body to produce more collagen and improve the treated tissues. More collagen means younger, fresher skin overall. The blue light is also readily absorbed by the skin, but targets your oil glands. When these glands absorb the light, it can reduce their activity, resulting in improvements in acne outbreaks. It also can reduce inflammatory responses, delivering a gentling effect on your skin. Additionally, the blue light can kill bacteria within your pores, targeting acne at its origin.

What Areas Can I Treat?

While LED light therapy is most popular for treating the face, it can work with almost any body area. Its gentle and sensitive treatment truly shines for addressing concerns for facial skin. Patients often prefer some of our other rejuvenating treatments for addressing concerns in other areas, such as the legs, chest, arms, and so on. During your consultation, your specialist can advise you on which treatments will provide you with the best results for each area of concern you want to address.

Is LED Light Therapy Right for Me?

LED light therapy is one of the best options for patients looking for a truly gentle treatment that still delivers on results. If you want a fast, comfortable treatment to give your skin a boost, then LED light therapy in Beverly Hills could be the answer. The first step is to set up your consultation with our specialist to learn more about the therapy and if it is a good match for you. We provide you with complete information about your options and discuss your goals to help match you with your ideal treatment options.

Recovery and Results

LED light therapy doesn't require any real recovery time. Since the treatment is so gentle and light, patients typically can get right back to their daily routine and lives. To see their ideal results, most patients will need several sessions spread out about one week apart. With each treatment, you should see continued improvements in your concerns, and will reach your final results once you finish your treatment plan. Patients can see their results last for months or more, but it will be important to follow our post-treatment tips to maximize your results. For example, having a good skin care routine is vital to enhancing and prolonging your light therapy results.

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Improved, clearer skin can be right around the corner with LED light therapy at Cloud Med Spa. Contact us today to set up your consultation to learn more about the treatment and find out if you are an ideal candidate. We work closely with our patients, providing personalized care at every step to help you on the path toward brighter, radiant skin.

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