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Varicose and Spider Vein Treatment

Your veins are essential to your health, but they can also have a significant impact on how you look. Patients who have developed spider veins can attest to how these visible veins can affect confidence in your appearance and your quality of life. But spider veins are not as permanent as they once were. At Cloud Med Spa, we are happy to offer patients sclerotherapy in Beverly Hills. Tackle spider veins with this fast and effective non-surgical treatment method today.

What Are Spider Veins?

Spider veins are slightly different from varicose veins, which patients also enjoy treating. Spider veins are smaller, appearing in a spiderweb-like pattern in various colors such as red, blue, or purple. While they are most common on the legs or face, they can appear on other body parts as well. While generally physically harmless in regards to health, these veins can still impact your life. When they are in visible areas, they can interfere with confidence and how patients feel about their appearance.
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What Is Sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy is a highly effective method for treating unwanted spider veins. It works by injecting a special medical solution into the problem veins through a fast and comfortable procedure. The solution irritates the lining of the blood vessels and causes them to collapse and stick together. It also then causes the blood to clot. Over time, the blood vessels turn into scar tissue and fade from being visible on the outside of the skin. You body naturally absorbs the tissue of the veins over time.
With them gone, they are no longer visible! The entire treatment is quite fast and you can return to your daily life right after the treatment at our office. However, we recommend having someone drive you if you treated veins in your legs, especially your right leg, as potential cramping could make it unsafe to operate a motor vehicle.

Is Sclerotherapy a Safe Vein Treatment?

Choosing sclerotherapy as your varicose or spider veins treatment is an excellent choice. Performed by a qualified and trained medical provider, sclerotherapy is a very safe procedure. There are minimal complications from the treatment in general. Minor side effects, such as bruising, raised red areas, small skin sores, darkened skin, and multiple tiny red blood vessels usually go away within a few days.

Laser Treatments for Spider Veins

Laser treatments are also available for dealing with spider veins. This treatment option focuses on delivering precise amounts of laser energy into the target veins. This heat causes the vein to respond naturally by breaking down. Your body naturally compensates and absorbs the treated vein, resulting in clearing, more vibrant skin at the treatment site. A treatment session for spider veins is usually quite fast and well-tolerated. Afterward, you can typically return to your daily routine without needing any downtime. While there may be some redness, swelling, or sensitivity, these quickly fade within days in most cases.

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Which Spider Vein Treatment Is Right for Me?

Choosing the right spider vein treatment will depend on your individual situation and your goals. Other factors such as overall health, age, and size of the veins can also play a role. The first step is to schedule a consultation with one of your specialists at Cloud Med Spa in Beverly Hills. During your personal meeting, your cosmetic specialist can examine the target veins and discuss your medical background. Based on your discussion, they can then match you with a treatment that will provide you the best results in the safest and most effective way possible.

Recovery & Results

Sclerotherapy is a gentle treatment overall and doesn't require any significant recovery period. While patients may experience minor soreness, even this quickly goes away and provides almost no inconvenience. We will provide you with some post-treatment instructions to boost the treatment's efficacy and reduce any minor risk of side effects. As the treatment takes effect, you can see the gradual decrease in the treated veins, with them fully disappearing usually within 3-6 weeks. Larger veins can take a longer time to disappear. But your specialist will provide you with a timeline of when you can expect to see your full results.
Laser treatments also have virtually no downtime, though some redness and swelling are normal. For deeper treatments, patients may have about a week or so of redness, but it still should not interfere with your daily routine to any significant extent. In the days to weeks that follow, the treated veins should gradually disappear.


Don't let spider veins spiral out of control and continue to impact your life. Contact Cloud Med Spa today to set up your consultation with one of our cosmetic specialists to learn more about your spider vein treatment options. From sclerotherapy to laser treatments, we look forward to finding your ideal solution. Our goal is to safely and effectively provide you with clear skin that fills you with confidence day in and day out. Call us today or use our online form to get started on tackling spider veins with Cloud Med Spa.

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