7 Signs Your Dermal Filler Injector Is Skilled

Dermal fillers can add a bit of spark and vivacity to facial features that may have suffered slightly as the years have gone on. More and more patients are finding that the benefits of these fillers fit the exact type of treatment that they have been looking for. Below, we cover 7 signs your dermal filler injector is skilled.

However, like any type of medical operation, it is quite important to vet your physician prior to receiving any kind of treatment. This can ensure that you are in the hands of a capable and compassionate medical professional.

7 Signs Your Dermal Filler Injector Is Skilled

If you are interested in receiving dermal filler treatment, then take a look at this guide for what to look for in a dermal filler injector at our medical spa in Beverly Hills.

1. They Have an Intimate Understanding of Facial Anatomy

A good injector has an intimate and thorough understanding of every element of a patient’s facial anatomy. The slightest difference in an injection site can give a patient an entirely different set of results in terms of their overall appearance. Avoiding these mistakes will ensure a patient’s overall satisfaction with their surgical results.

Finding an injector who seems like they poured over their textbooks and anatomy journals will likely end up benefiting you in the end.

2. They Form Relationships with Patients

Try to find an injector who truly seems like they care about your well-being and is interested in forming some kind of relationship with you. In particular, having a transparent relationship with your injector is essential to creating a path forward that will benefit you both.

3. They Do Not Rush Their Training

Slow and steady is the method of choice for injectors and their learning process. Keep an eye out for injectors that seem like they have taken the time to gradually become masters of their craft. Still, rushing through the training process is oftentimes a recipe for disaster in the long term.

4. They Find Mentors

Injectors with strong relationships with their mentors tend to perform better. Particularly compared to those who have trouble forming strong relationships. In addition, having access to a veteran doctor’s practice and methodology can only serve to ensure an injector receives the best education possible in their craft.

5. They Have Ambitious Career Goals

Finding an injector who is ambitious about their craft and has their eyes on the sky is also something that comes recommended by physicians. This is because those who are determined and self-sufficient often end up being the ones who engage in the self-education necessary to become masters of their craft. They are also the ones who tend to be the most proactive in terms of gathering a community of other learners around them.

6. They Are Life-Long Learners

Akin to the previous entry, it is always good to look for medical professionals who have a very strong sense of curiosity and a drive to move forward with a constant plan of learning. Accordingly, finding someone constantly engaged in their own education serves as another sign you can trust them to handle the delicate procedures you have in mind.

An ideal injector is someone who is always going after the newest information regarding their craft. Still, this includes attending the latest conferences and seminars regarding their trade.

7. They Have A Plan For Your Procedure

The best injectors have a concrete plan regarding their patient’s aesthetic goals and how to reach them. This means that they set up a pre-surgical consultation with their patients and discuss how they’re going to move forward with their aesthetic goals.

This often will include going over many fine details and hard numbers, including the overall price of your operation. Once this plan settles, you can move forward with a higher level of confidence regarding the procedure.

Setting Up A Consultation

You can set up a consultation with one of our injectors to discuss all of the relevant aspects of your own dermal filler procedure. This can help you move forward with all the goals that you have in mind with a higher level of security, and know that you’re in the hands of a consummate professional.

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