Top 7 Reasons to Treat Acne Early

Acne is one of the world’s great skin problems and one that can plague an individual throughout their whole lifetime. That being said, addressing this problem early on is the best time to address it, as it gives both the patient and physician more power to influence how this condition develops. Below we cover the top 7 reasons to treat acne early.

Top 7 Reasons to Treat Acne Early

If you’re suffering from acne or have a loved one who is, then take a read over this list of reasons that you should attempt to address this problem earlier rather than later. That’s why we offer high-quality acne treatment at our luxury medical spa in Los Angeles.

1. It reduces the chance of scarring

One of the main downsides of acne is that if left untreated, it has the potential to damage the skin and leave unsightly scarring. This is especially true for people who have more severe acne.

However, even milder cases of acne have the potential to scar if a patient picks at their condition. Treating acne early has the potential to prevent a patient from picking at their condition and producing scars.

2. It prevents lingering spots from developing

People with darker pigmentation on their skin may see a dark spot appear after their acne clears. People with lighter skin might see a red one.

This condition is known as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, and the spots that develop from it can linger for months after the initial acne is cleared.

In some ways, these spots can be even more irritating than the acne itself, leaving all the more reasons for a patient to treat it early.

3. You receive faster results from your treatment

Addressing your acne problems early also gives you the potential to see faster results from your treatment.

This is because lower levels of acne that are caught early on are easier to treat than more fully developed cases that have taken deeper root in the body.

4. It prevents mild acne from becoming more severe

On the same note, addressing your acne early can help prevent it from transforming into a more serious case. Given that more serious cases of acne are more difficult to treat in general, this has the potential to diminish the severity of the case.

5. It decreases the likelihood that you’ll need stronger acne medication

Unfortunately, when acne becomes more severe, it can require powerful medication to address it fully. Treating your acne early on gives you a higher chance of avoiding having to use medication like this.

Sometimes these medications can have intensive side effects that require monitoring by your physician while you are on them. Overall, it simplifies the situation for both patient and physician if one is able to avoid having to use such things.

6. You can avoid what has the potential to become a long-term problem

Acne is, unfortunately, an issue that has the potential to persist for years if left untreated. It can remain somewhat severe up until the adult years of an individual.

Treating this problem early on can give one a head start in addressing and treating this issue before it gains a foothold in someone’s life physically and psychologically.

7. You avoid the emotional distress caused by acne

Acne is a psychological problem as well as a physical one. Because of the stress induced by acne on both the body and the mind, it has the potential to leave emotional scars on individuals who suffer from it for prolonged periods.

Addressing acne early lessens the chance that someone will be left dealing with this type of stress in the long run.

Consulting With Your Doctor About Your Personal Situation

Communicating with your physician about the details of your personal acne experience can better set you up to tackle the situation together.

Each individual’s experience with acne is unique, and dermatologists are well-practiced in addressing these issues on a case-by-case basis.

Making the decision early on to make the appointment to have a consultation with your physician can save you time, money, and a lot of emotional grief in the long run.

For these reasons, there’s no reason not to take the initiative and make sure that you schedule right away.

LA’s Acne Treatment Experts

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